October 2015

Stray Thoughts / Musings

Mr. Putter & Tabby

Children’s literature always has this effect of clearing and refreshing my mind, opening it up for subsequent expansion. Minnie, my daughter was then 6 years old and going to the American International School in Dhaka. Ananya (my wife) would visit the school library and together with…

Stray Thoughts / Musings

Letters from Kampala – II

A mental transformation: Anything said about India is true, just as the exact opposite is also equally true. Just as we find extreme material ugliness in India, we encounter staggering material beauty co-existing side by side. What has always intrigued me about my country is…

Stray Thoughts / Musings

Devi Durga, the Goddess

India, Nepal and Bangladesh are probably the only countries in the world where widespread worship of the ancient Goddess (and other female divinities) continues till date – an unbroken tradition that may be traced way back to the Indus Valley Civilization, five thousand years back….